Cold starters

120g Marinated camembert-type cheese (soft, creamy, surface-ripenedcow’s milk cheese  marinated in oil with wild spices, crispy onions and garlic) 99,-
 150g Cheeseboard (3types of czech cheese)  179,-
 100g Marinated sausage with pickled onions (traditional Czech sausage in a piquant marinade with red paprika) 79,-
100g  Duck pate with green pepper, served with cranberry sauce and hot bread             129,-
 250g Mozzarella with tomatoes (Caprese) served with fresh basil, garlic, a drop of olive oil and pesto  139,-
 100g Steak tartar made of Norwegian salmon with crisp toast and a drop of pesto  198,-

Warm starters

5pcs Home made grilled sausages with three type of sauce 125,-
200g Grilled bavarian sausage (white) with three type of sauce 139,-
150g Sausages in beer (piquant marinated sausages roasted in black beer) 145,-
350g Beer plate (marinated camembert cheese, pickled sausage, home made grilled sausages, onion, pickle, horseradish & hot bread) 225,-
10pcs Fried breaded onion rings, sweet chilli sauce 109,-
4pcs Topinky s česnekem 59,-


220ml Garlic soup with cheese and croutons 69,-
330ml Goulash soup in bread 109,-

 Czech traditional food

500g Grilled smoked pork ribs marinated in BBQ served with 3 type of sauce and pickle 245,-
1pcs Grilled pork  front knee served with 3 type of sauce and pickle 259,-
500g Grilled smoked pork knee without bone served with 3 type of sauce and pickle 289,-
150g Home made beef goulash with red onion / in bread  169/205,-
150g Beef “Svíčková“ (beef sirloin in cream sauce, served with bread dumplings) 219,-
200g Pork shoulder baked with garlic and cumin, served with bread dumplings and white cabbage 199,-
¼/½ Roasted duck with cumin, red & white cabbage and dumplings  199/379,-
200g Grilled leg of rabbit served with bread dumpling and cream sauce                     289,-


200g Grilled pork tenderloin 245,-
200g Pork medallion with green pepper sauce  269,-
200g Pork  schnitzel ( pork filet coated in bread crumbs and fried) 219,-


200g Grilled marinated rampsteak 289,-
200g Grilled rumpsteak with pepper sauce 315,-
200g Beef slices with wild forest mushroom sauce 335,-
400g Mixed grill BBQ (100 g pork tenderloin, 100 g beef rump steak, 100 g сhicken breast, 3 pcs homemade sausages) 379,-

For 2 persons

1kg Czech mix  (300 g pork ribs, quarter of a duck, quarter of a chicken, two type of dumplings, white and red cabbages)                         499,-


200g Chicken steak with roasted mushrooms and onions, baked with cheese 210,-
200g Grilled chicken steak  with herb sauce 195,-
200g Chicken schnitzel ( filet coated in bread crumbs and fried) 189,-
¼/½ Roasted chicken with potatoes baked with rosemary 149/269,-

Vegetarián dishes

150g Fried cheese, french fries, tartar sauce 179,-
200g Grilled vegetables with baked potatoes 195,-
150g Fried mushrooms served with boiled potatoes and tartar sause 189,-


180-250g Fried south bohemian trout with lemon, rosemary and white wine 289,-
200g Baked Norwegian salmon with herb and lemon sauce 285,-
200g Carp on the grill with garlic sauce 265,-
300g Mediterranean platter (seafood, prawns, lemon, garlic, white wine, butter, chilli sause)  319,-


300g Salat «Karavela» (seafood, prawns, lettuce, tomatoes, dressing) 229,-
300g Summer salad with raspberry dressing (variation of shradded lettuce, grilled chicken breast and orange) 245,-
300g Salad a la Caesar ice lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chicken breast, Caesar dressing, croutons 199,-
300g Salad with grilled beef, ice lettuce, tomatoes, horseradish dressing 209,-
150g Greek salad (peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, black olives, Balkan cheese,red onion, olive oil, oregano) 125,-
150g Shopsky salad (peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, Balkan cheese, spring onions, olive oil) 109,-
150g Mixed salad lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, balsamic dressing 99,-

 Side dishes

150g Creamy potatoes gratin with cheese 65,-
150g Potatoes baked with rosemary served with sour cream 50,-
150g Boiled potatoes with butter 50,-
150g French fries 50,-
150g Croquettes 50,-
3pcs Potatoes pancake 55,-
4pcs Dumpling: bread or potato 40,-
150g White cabbage or red cabbage 40/55,-


 Pepper dressing   55,-
 Mushroom  65,-
 Herb sauce  55,-
 BBQ  45,-
 Tatar dressing  35,-
 Mustard sauce  45,-
Ketchup, majo, mustard, horseradish, sour cream 30,-
 Bread  20,-


120g Homemade apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 95,-
150g Vanilla ice cream with hot berries and whipped cream 105,-
4pcs Bohemian pancakes with hot berries and wh           95,-
115g Triple chocolate cake 95,-
115g Soft cheese carrot cake 95,-
115g Honey cake 95,-